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Villa Tempest started out in 2010, as an idea, a simple idea,

 the name of a family home.

From that, grew the desire to build a business around the idea of a, “Bed and Breakfast,” Operation in a popular, summer and winter, German tourist destination, and that this could be a family business opportunity for us.  As a sideline operation to the B&B idea we considered the idea of a Weekend Beer Garden, based around the brewing of small batch, handcrafted beers, AND a Savoury Pastry Service for expats in need of a little comfort food.

Unfortunately, the Bed & Breakfast idea dwindled as an option as the practicalities of work, school and access to community services, and reasonably priced housing became a greater priority. The Beer Garden idea morphed into a Hobby Brewing Club, now known as Hobbybrau Hamburg, and as for the pies? Well… nix that idea – funny lot of expats here. As for the German regulations for Food Carts, here in Hamburg, they are impractical for us for implementation at this particular time.

Here are some of the things we’ve done, do, hope to do, and hope to continue to do:


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